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Welcome to the website of Sudbury's Emergency Medicine Community! Whether you are interested in an EM job, an EM residency spot, an EM elective, or an EDE elective, here is where you will find Emergentology at its best.

The Hôpital régional de Sudbury Regional Hospital is the tertiary care hospital and trauma centre for Northeastern Ontario, and is the base hospital for the regional EMS system. It is also the primary practice locale of Sudbury Emergency Associates, a youthful group of EM-certified emergency physicians with many career interests.

Sudbury is a vibrant community of 160,000 with a vast array of recreational activities which has attracted many of our members from across the country.

For further information regarding emergency medicine in Sudbury, please contact:

  • Jason Prpic, MD, CFPC(EM)
    Sudbury Emergency Associates
    contact by email
  • Rob Lepage, MD, CFPC(EM)
    Medical Director, Emergency Medicine Program
    Sudbury Regional Hospital
    contact by email
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