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Gary Bota MD, FRCPC

Dr. Gary Bota

Gary Bota hails from Hamilton. After medical school and the start of an internal medicine residency at McMaster, Gary spent the next year working in a St. John's ED. He then realized how little he knew so wisely went off to do an emergency medicine residency at UCLA. His first job once back in Canada was as ED Medical Director in Sudbury. The local folklore tells of how Gary, in looking to make a big splash, performed a thoracotomy on his first patient in Sudbury. The patient recovered from their ear infection, and was only left with a small scar. Gary has recently resigned as ED Medical Director after 18 years full of accomplishments. His latest endeavour has been the development of "intelligent" ED records. Gary is now the director of medical informatics for HAS Solutions based in Sydney Australia.

Gary and his wife Jane and 3 children live on Lake Nepahwin in the heart of Sudbury's South End. They enjoy many activities including biking, tennis, running ,and hockey, and are both active in the community.


Chris Bourdon MD, CFPC(EM)

Dr. Chris Bourdon

Chris Bourdon has had the distinct pleasure of being part of the Sudbury Emergency group since 1995. His other responsibilities include overseeing the University of Ottawa's Northeastern Ontario Family Medicine-Emergency Medicine (NOFM-EM) training program as its Residency Director. He has enjoyed this role since 1996.

Chris was born and developed in Timmins, Ontario. He completed medical school at the University of Ottawa after two years in their undergraduate science department. Following his years in Ottawa he heard the call of the near west and completed Family Medicine & Emergency Medicine residencies at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

Post completion of residency he worked as a full time EP at the Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg, and part time at the Children's Hospital ED. As well, he was the CFPC(EM) Residency Director in Winnipeg from 1992 until his departure in 1995.

The pull of family and the beauty of Northern Ontario were too great for Chris and his now enlarging family. Sudbury provided an excellent opportunity in academic emergency medicine not to mention it's much more southern location compared to Winnipeg.

Chris and his wife Paula and their 4 kids take full advantage of Sudbury's beautiful outdoors and are frequent visitors to Manitoulin Island for extended family vacations. Among Chris' many other interests, the most fulfilling are coaching his kid's soccer and hockey teams. He also enjoys running, hockey and is training for his first marathon and triathlon this spring and summer.


Andrew Caruso MD, CFPC(EM)

Dr. Andrew Caruso

Andy Caruso grew up in Toronto. His life changed on March 2, 1978 when U2 was born. Following the band's progress closely from overseas, he had advance warning of their first Canadian gig. Thus, Andy saw U2 playing Toronto on December 9, 1980 (the day after John Lennon died). He was the youngest patron (a mere "Boy") to ever sneak his way into the El Mocambo club. On March 27, 1987, U2 performed on top of a liquor store in Los Angeles to film video for "Where The Streets Have No Name". On that same date, Andy decides to pursue a career, ostensibly in medicine, but really it is a vehicle to tour with U2 in perpetuity.

In pursuit of this lofty goal, Andy went to medical school at the University of Toronto. He then completed family medicine and emergency medicine training at the University of Ottawa. In 1998, Andy moved to Sudbury and has been keeping himself busy as an emergency physician and Trauma Education coordinator, preparing for the day that a U2 member might fall off a roof while recording. In his free time, Andy spends his free cash chasing U2 around the globe. Rani, his wife, spends her free time chasing Andy.

Dr. Tyler Christie (photo pending)

Tyler Christie

Bio pending...


Marc Dube

Dr. Marc Dube

Mark is a native of Trinidad and a graduate of University of Ottawa medical school. He did his residency in Regina and then worked in la belle province before arriving in Sudbury in 1992. Emergency medicine is but one part of Mark's busy family practice. Mark is also very involved in palliative care at the hospice. He has had a methadone practice since 1996 and has received his certification from the International Society of Addiction Medicine. He has done volunteer work in Latin America and has research aspirations. He is involved with clinical teaching at the medical school. He and Liz are trying to enjoy a recently empty nest, however, have you looked at university tuition lately? They spend their leisure time skiing, boarding, canoeing and camping around the many lakes of northern Ontario.


Dave Falconi MD, CFPC(EM)

Dr. Dave Falconi

Dave Falconi was born and raised in Upper Canada. After escaping from the farm, he eventuallymoved to York. There, he studied at the Marconi School of Radio Technicians. When he found that the inner workings of transmitters had become mundane, he thought that he would try a new and fascinating profession - medicine. Following his medical training, Dave decided to see what it would be like to work in a new mining town - Sudbury. He has been here ever since.

Dave, Carol, and their three daughters enjoy their free weekends and holidays on Manitoulin Island.  In his free time, Dave gripes, worries, putters with radios, and now, takes apart computers.

Dr. Pavan Koka (photo pending)

Pavan Koka

Bio pending...


Chris Kupsh MD, CFPC(EM)

Chris completed A B.Sc. at Concordia University in Montreal. She then moved to Guelph to pursue a M.Sc. in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. She attended medical school at Queen's University in Kingston. Residency in family and EM took place through the NOFM program in Sudbury. Chris is actively involved in teaching students and residents in the Emergency department and she is the Quality Assurance Officer for the Trauma Program at the Sudbury Regional Hospital.

Other interests include running, skiing, swimming and tennis.


John Kusnierczyk MD, CFPC(EM)

Dr. John Kusnierczyk

John is a Sudbury native, who has been practicing full-time EM in Sudbury since1993.  After three years of undergraduate studies at Laurentian University in Sudbury, John attended medical school at the University of Toronto.  John's family medicine and EM training took place in London, Ontario.

John and his wife Mary Ann have two children, and enjoy living on the shores of Ramsey Lake, a ten minute walk from the single site hospital, slated to open in 2002-2003.  Even a shorter distance from home is the Idylwylde Golf and Country Club where John spends most of his free time in the summer.  In the winter, John enjoys playing hockey and skiing.


Rob Lepage MD, CFPC(EM)

Dr. Rob Lepage

Rob has been practicing EM in Sudbury since 1990. He was born in Vancouver and grew up in Montreal. Prior to attending medical school at McMaster University, he completed a B.Sc. in Human Kinetics at the University of Guelph and a M.Sc in Exercise Physiology at the University of Ottawa. Forays along the way included employment as a ski bum in Banff and work with young offenders.  Rob did his residency in Family and Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa.  He moved to Northern Ontario, because of the "added challenge of practicing Emergency Medicine outside of a large teaching center" and for the canoeing. Rob's main non-clinical activity is as Medical Director of Ornge Transport Medicine for Northeastern Ontario.

Rob lives on the banks of the Vermillion river with his wife Leah and his 3 busy redheaded boys. Other interests include hockey, cross country and downhill skiing, wilderness tripping, triathlons and coaching his kids hockey and soccer teams.


Louise Logan MD, CCFP (EM)

Louise is a Sudbury native. She completed a Bachelor of Science (Biology) degree at Laurentian University. She attended medical school at Université de Montréal prior to doing her family medicine and emergency medicine training through the Northeastern Ontario Family Medicine program. She has been practicing Emergency Medicine at the Sudbury Regional Hospital since 2000. As well as being involved in the teaching of student sand residents in the Emergency Department, she is also the Francophone Coordinator for the Northeastern Ontario Family Medicine program. Her research interests include Influenza and Triage Systems.

Louise was recently married and lives on the shores of one of Sudbury's many lakes. She enjoys swimming, cooking, tennis, skating and curling. She continues to do the occasional locum in family medicine throughout Northern Ontario.


Virginie Marchadier


Bill McMullen

Dr. Sam Oommen

Sam Oommen


Laura Piccinin MD, CFPC(EM)

Laura is a transplant to Sudbury. Having grown up in Ottawa, and completed undergraduate and medical training at McMaster University in Hamilton, she transferred to Sudbury for residencies in Family and Emergency Medicine. Laura then joined the Sudbury Emergency Department for a year… which has turned into ten years and counting. She now also works at the Clinical Services Division of the Sudbury and District Health Unit, and is the Program Director for the Family/Emergency PGY-3 training program at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Laura and her family appreciate that Sudbury has so many big-city amenities like great restaurants, good schools, and a Science Centre, yet retains significant small-town advantages-easy access to lakes, golf courses, berry bushes, and curling rinks among them!


Rob Pineau


Jason Prpic


Steve Socransky MD, FRCPC, ABEM, CEUS

Dr. Steve Socransky

Steve is a Montreal native who completed medical school at McGill University in 1991. After his family medicine residency in Quebec City, Steve completed his EM residency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1997. Since then, Steve has been a full-time emergency physician and trauma team leader in Sudbury. He also works down the highway in Espanola. Steve is Medical Director of Trauma Services for HRSRH and Northeastern Ontario Steve is a long-time EDE and CEUS instructor and is Course Director of The EDE 2 Course (www.ede2course.com). Other non-clinical activities includes ED Ultrasound Fellowship Co-Director and some dabbling in research.

Steve, his wife Patti, and two busy sons, enjoy living on the shores of one of Sudbury's many lakes. Steve spends his leisure time at the gym, coaching soccer, making some ill-fated recipes, and learning the fine art of making a skating rink on the lake.

Dr. Melanie Squarzolo

Melanie Squarzolo


Brian Tissot von Patois MD, CFPC(EM)

Dr. Brian Tissot

Brian was born in Montreal and grew up in Toronto. Brian may have done his undergrad in Neuro-something-or-other, again in Toronto. Still not be able to escape Toronto, he went to the University of Toronto for medical school, graduating in 1982. His post-graduate training was, yes, in Toronto. Brian finally succeeded in crossing north of Major Mac, working in emergency departments in Collingwood and Orillia before settling in Sudbury in 1991.

Brian was in the military cadets forever. He was finally thrown out of the cadets in his 20s, when they could no longer find a uniform that would fit him. Brian has been involved nationally with the Emergency Medicine certification process of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and is the team doctor of the Sudbury Wolves hockey team. Brian's cottage on Long Lake plays host to his carpentry experiments. His is the only outhouse in the metro region of Sudbury with 100 amp electrical service. His partner, Natalie, is so proud! Finally, no longer tied to Toronto, Brian's travels have taken him far and wide, to both exotic and rustic locales.


Lee Toner MD, CFPC(EM)

Dr. Lee Toner

Lee grew up in New Brunswick and completed medical school and a Kinesiology degree at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He did his family medicine and emergency medicine training in Northern Ontario. He is currently practicing Emergency Medicine at the Sudbury Regional Hospital. He is Clerkship Lead for Emergency Medicine and Associate Program Director for the PGY 3 Family/EM residency at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. He also has a small sports medicine practice at the Strive Sport Medicine Center in Sudbury.

When he is not working, Lee can usually be found at the curling club. He is a long time competitive curler who has represented Northern Ontario three times at the Brier. His team hopes to continue to challenge the best teams in the country for many years to come!

Lee now happily lives in Sudbury along the shores of Ramsey Lake with his wife and children. They enjoy swimming, skating, running, golf, tennis and cycling.


Karla Tujik


Ray Wiss MD, CFPC(EM)

Dr. Ray Wiss

Dr. Ray Wiss, who grew up in Sudbury, followed a rather eclectic path to medicine, which included stints as an Infantry Officer in the Canadian Forces, Director of Recreation in a maximum security institution, and paramedic in a third-world war zone. Somehow, he managed to make this sound like a coherent career path to the interviewers at McMaster Medical School.

After specialty training in emergency medicine in Montreal, he worked as a full-time emergency physician and part-time anesthetist in northern Quebec, a position he describes as "missionary work" as it involved spreading notions of modern emergency medicine where none had existed before. He then worked at Sacre-Coeur Hospital in Montreal, the largest trauma center in La Belle Province and one which was renowned for its patient volume. During this time, Ray began to be recognized in the Francophone EM community, both here and in Europe, for his entertaining presentations and lucid writings.

Ray joined the staff of the Sudbury Regional Hospital in early 2001 after completing training in ED Ultrasound in Chicago and assisted in the implementation of this technique in our centre. He has developed an introductory ultrasound course, the EDE - ED Echo Course.

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